What's the point of dating in high school?

An overwhelming majority of high school relationships don't last at all, they pretty much always result in some sort of drama, and they ultimately leave both ends emotionally screwed up in some way.

I just don't understand why having a boyfriend or girlfriend is glorified and praised at such a young age, the age where your grades ultimately decide your future and destiny as a human beings. Adults always like to tell us teenagers to focus on school, more importantly high school, and how it's so crucial to our success in life yet you see celebrities, the media, entertainment, etc all containing teenage relationships that encourage young age dating.

So what's your opinion, do you think teenagers should focus on school since it's so crucial to living a good life or waste most of it getting into pointless relationships that aren't going anywhere? Many people don't realize that you have your whole life to date and all the beautiful ladies and hot guys are always going to be here for as long as each of us live so there really is no reason to act like school is the only time where you will be able to find someone you love.


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  • There is no point its a waste of time. Its better to wait till college to start dating. Because a lot of those high school relationships do not last. And then when your senior year comes you have to go your separate ways. For some its a learning experience but others prefer to wait until college to date. In my opinion its a waste because you have to focus on your grades and your school. Once you get a boyfriend/girlfriend your grades go down hill and you don't end up getting into the university that you have always dreamed of. It is a distraction from your studies. I think its best to focus on your grades you go to school to get an education not find love. You have a whole time ahead of you to find a boyfriend/girlfriend. All relationships cause in high school is drama and nonsense.


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  • I think it's just a way to get experience early on before adulthood or college when you will be in an environment which is more hostile.

  • I say there is no reason, not even for experience.


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