How to as coworker out?

I really like my coworker and I was looking for ways on how to ask him out for a date or maybe just to get to know him better.


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  • For god sake, leave your coworker alone, the last thing guys want to deal with is women at work. A wrong word from you and he could lose his job. Look somewhere else for dates. Go to a park, go to a cafe, something. If you can't make yourself date a stranger you meet in public, then you don't belong dating, because the only places you get to know someone otherwise is work and school, and those places are not good for men to date at.


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  • Do you two talk as friends? Does he know you exist?

  • How often do you guys work together and do you ever work together alone?

    • I'm full time and he's part time but we work together at least twice a week. I see him almost every day though. We never really work alone together since it's retail though.

    • I suggest talking to him about it if you guys take a break together or if you're leaving at the same time. Say something along the lines of 'if you don't have plans maybe we could get dinner'.

  • Casually ask him for his number.


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