Why do I always go back to guys from my past?

I have this tendency to go back to guys from my past. I never was in a serious relationship with any of them, but I did reject them. I do meet new people, but always find my self going back, why?

especially to the one guy, who always talks about planning on marrying me and having a future with me..


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  • (I am a girl using a guys account) your past is familiar. And feels safe. Especially if the one guy you go back to a lot talks about a future with you, that feels safe and trustworthy, you wouldn't have to wonder what he wanted or if he would stick around. Its easier to go back to your past. But you won't find anything new in your past. If you rejected those guys it was for a reason and you need to remember that. If you are feeling lonely it will seem like am obvious option to go back to them but you will just be repeating heartbreak for you and the guy in the end. Try to let go of everything in your past and focus on what's in front of you now, even if it can be intimidating

    • this guy in particular, I rejected because at the point when we were seeing each other I wasn't ready to be in a relationship. And then later on when he asked me out two years later I only saw him as a friend, but later realized feelings were still there, but I was seeing someone. And the third time he was moving away. LOL bad timing?

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    • sorry the snow or something knocked out our internet. just got it back today. sooo thankful for this snow day. i have a project that me Liz and someone else were meant to do and i'm the only one doing it. it hasn't even been started. so i'm in a rush. its on the computer so i'll have it knocked out in a hour or so. i'm pretty good with presentations. um.. how is he jealous of me. and give Bruce Lenny III my love.. ha ha. no i haven't talked to Cheyanne i have to go to the library to talk to her because my mother never signs off her Facebook. and it has been closed. and no i didn't go to the moon i went to mars duh... yeah. my dad looked up if the church was closed. you welcome about telling you that you helped.

    • HI!!! I'm SO glad your internet is working again!!! What's the project you're doing? Is Shay's full name Cheyanne? Ohhh mars! Of course! What was I thinking? ;-) he's jealous of you cause I talk about you nonstop and cause I enjoy being around you so much!


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  • its hard to find someone and start all over brand new

  • You've imprinted like a pretty little duck :P Nah but your prob just drawn to the stability and character of certain individuals. A normal tendency. But be careful as it can transform into a compulsion.

    • compulsion?

    • You become fixated on this individual and the thoughts escapades to compulsion. The cycle progresses in such a way that you find yourself trying to convince someone to like you. Convince. That's outlandish.

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  • everyone reverts to what is comfortable and what they know, its human nature, its safe.