Is bad timing a thing or is it just not meant to be?

The first time we were seeing eachother I rejected him because I wasn't ready to be in a relationship at the time, family issues. He was really hurt by it. He then asked me out two years later, But I only saw us as friends. But once we kissed I realized I still had feelings, but I was still tied up with someone else at the time. The third time we tried to get together, He was moving away for law school. He told me his plan was to marry me and he saw a future with me. Everytime he's back (every 5 months) We always end up kissing. There's just this way he looks at me. I always catch him looking at me and trying to get close when were in a group. He's always super flirty.. I wonder if we actually have a shot and it's bad timing or is it the universe just telling us it not meant to be? Do people give it that many chnaces? We were never actually in an official relationship


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  • Yes the universe manifested a physical consciousness to fuck with your love life. No wait, that's ludicrous. Now go be with the guy you love.


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  • If you want each other then make some serious choices about having a relationship. If you two want to be together then make it happen, don't blame timing or the universe.