No more goodnight/morning texts initiated?

So we've been together a short while, my partner would always text me good morning/night, but now they don't. A lot of times when I text that the text back doesn't reciprocate the good... We care about each other and always say that to each other. I'm just afraid that it will die down too because this lack of those type of texts just stopped suddenly. We see each other almost everyday and enjoy every minute of it. I know there's the honeymoon stage, but I am kinda worried. I don't want to be clingy. Is this a concern? My partner still acts the same around me.


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  • Not a concern. That seems like it would get boring and repetitive after a while. Maybe he just thinks you like some variety. I wouldn't think too much about it.

    Its also bad though if he's always the one that has to initiate that kind of text. if im always the one initiating it makes it seem like you either dont care or dont like it.

    • actually we both initiated those texts, many times I would get up earlier then my partner. Now I'm the only one who initiates it.

    • then a good inference would be that he's bored by it or just doesn't care anymore. He feels the relationship doesn't need constant verification and is satisfied without it.


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  • since when stop sending thos e kind of texts?

  • It sounds like that would get old after a while. Maybe he thought it lost its sincerity after a while.


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