Did he sorta ask me out on a date?

I was with my partner and he was with his partner on a project. Anyways, half the time he was bothering me. By breaking the touch barrier and just trying to make me laugh. So out of the blue, he stops talking to me and for some reason I could sense him staring at me thinking something, I got kinda nervous and then he finally asked me what I was doing on this specific date cuz he had a show he has to perform at and wanted me to go. I told him I couldn't bc it was my bday. And then some jerk in our class blurted out that declined his hangout which everyone laughed. I felt kinda bad bc he seemed a little embarrassed. And then after class, he asked once more but in a joking way and I told him I felt really bad... and he said to not worry about it, but that I better go to his next show Later this month and I said maybe. So what do u think?


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  • Yeah it seems like he was 'asking you out' kinda, I wouldn't consider it a date in itself, more like a 'pre-date' but it would be a definite signal of interest to him if you had gone.

    • I know... I really wish I could have gone but I can't blow off a dinner my family will be making for my bday. :/

      Do you think I look bad even though he said not worry about it?

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    • Interesting okay that sounds like a good plan. Thank you so much!

    • Glad to help :D


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  • Yeah, it sound like it.


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  • Sounds like he is interested