Anyone else hate the fact that most people will blame the fact they can't find a good partner on something else instead of themselves?

Instead of just taking a look at themselves in the mirror and thinking of what is it about them, physically and personaltiy wise, that is causing them to have such bad luck with ladies/guys?

Such as stupidity, animosity, deception.

Most of all being body odor, some guys will claim they can't find girls but then they're smelling like Resident Evil. Make sure you smell right make sure your breath is clean - this should go without saying but you'd be surprised how many people leave their house smelling like they shower with rain water.

Bottom line, am I the only one annoyed when people make excuses instead of fixing themselves?


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  • I know myself why I can't find someone. I'm too shy with the opposite sex and I fear rejection. I've been told by several guys and girls that I have a great personality when I'm comfortable around them and that I'm pretty. These people are just in denial, they blame everyone and everything but themselves.


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  • Yes, very annoying.


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  • I think very few people actually look at myself, and this would help a lot of people. Remember the latest crazy guy, went on a killing spree and left his own online book, if you read it you realize he never did and if he did he could had been a better person.

    I did this a few years back, changed how I looked and acted since the old me wasn't enough. Just wish I changed earlier