I'm almost 30 and I never learned to date the right way, what do I do?

Unlike me, most people date the traditional way. I've never had any success the traditional way. Every girlfriend I ever had began with a one-night-stand or a fling that started in less than a week. I think because of this, I haven't had very long lasting relationships. I tried dating the traditional way by getting to know a girl and becoming more romantically interested after a few dates. But I've always wound up losing her interest after a certain point before I can move on to 2nd base.

I guess when I try to date a girl the normal way, I get self conscious and worry about what she thinks of me and what I should do next to please her. Whereas if I had a one night stand with a girl, I already have no doubts in my mind that she at least likes me enough to fuck, so I don't have to worry about saying or doing the wrong thing.


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  • You just have to try be yourself and enjoy the suspense rather that question yourself - keep your confidence high.


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  • sounds like you were doing something right


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  • You were doing it correctly before, don't change that. You just gradually see her more and ease into a relationship after you've already slept together. Don't go the common route, what do common people know? There's a reason they all end up divorced, a reason most can never make more than just enough money to survive. Do what was actually effective and just modify it after you sleep with her.