I'm feeling sad right now. Why?

He told me he loved me but he was scared of jumping into with me. That he doesn't know if he's ready. We were going back and forth with this, but it was clear we both loved each other. He said he was going to miss me until next time we see each other. He said he's scared I'll run away, so he has to be careful on what he says and does to me.

HOWEVER: he hasn't contacted me since Thursday (3 days).
He went online at a dating site three times already this morning.

I'm so pissed off I logged into adult friend finder and I'm not sure he saw me online or not. Anyways, he hasn't contacted me.

I'm heartbroken because of this messy situation, acting like a child because I just don't know what to do or what I feel, I'm scared of this feelings for him, because I do love him very much.

Not sure what kind of advice I'm looking on here, I'm just feeling sad and frustrated.


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  • Relax your mind. Listen to some good music. Watch a movie. And THEN figure out what you need to do with this guy, when your mind is clearer! Good luck!

    • Thank you. I've done all the wrong things (stalking him, logging on aff...) I just don't know why I'm so emotional about all this.

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    • Alright. I'll just breath and do nothing. Ultimately, if he really wants me, he'll come despite his fears. If not, he wasn't meant to be. right?

    • yeah, exactly! You're on the right track!


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  • It seems that the two of you need to have a straight talk and if it can't be resolved, you need to move on. Hopefully it can be. I wish you well!

    • Thank you. I have no courage to talk to him again, I'm drained in sadness and confused about all this situation.

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    • terrified in what way?

    • Terrified of opening myself to him. But at the same time I only want for him to love me. We get along really well, sex is great, he's the love of my life and he knows it. Yet, I tend to disappear from him because we are both scared of exclusivity.

  • Awww. Can't give you an advice since I'm only 17. So here, have a hug!

  • He scared that u will dump him cuz he's not good enough for him. He consider u outta his league that u deserve better. Commitment and persistent can bring y'all back together if u dont juz sit here and craii all day >.>


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