Confused and Bothered. Help?

So me and this girl have a weird thing going. She has a boyfriend, but goes from extremely flirty to cold in the matter of a few days. We connect so well and I really do like this girl. This issue is im developing feelings for this girl. I’m having a difficult time getting close to her. I have no idea what her relationship is like and I can't tell if I should just ask her out. I just don’t want to ask her out at the wrong time. This position is driving me crazy. I’m trying to avoid texting her, but I have to try so hard and it hurts so much not being with her. Should I just come clean and talk about my feelings? Should I ignore her for a few days and see how she responds? If she doesn’t care then I will know and if she does, then I will definitely ask her out then. What would you do in my situation? I don’t know her boyfriend at all.

I really don't want to lose this girl if I can manage it. I'm not trying to break her up, if she is happy I will leave her alone. But i need to find this out without ruining my chances with her. How would I do that?


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  • Move on. Why are so many people on this site so eager to chase somebody else's girlfriend or boyfriend. Have some self respect first off. And second, even if she did leave him for you or cheat on him with you, is that really the kinda girl you want.

    • But what if I can make her happier?

    • If she wanted that she'd have left her man, end of.

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  • I mean she knew she had a boyfriend and she crossed the line. I think you should tell her how you feel. I wouldn't suggest breaking up a relationship but it seems she already did that by flirting with you. She could care for you or she just wanted something on the side. So be ready for that you should also think of how you got to fall for her it can happen again with someone else. But again I wish you the best just tell her how u feel and how much u care things could turn around for you.


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  • Tell her how you feel.


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