Are there any great men, gentlemen, who are still waiting to meet their princess? Do you believe an have hope that she exists?

I've often wondered if there are any genuine, down to earth open the door , mind his manners, polite chivalrous gentlemen, who desires and long for a great woman

i totally believe they exist, its just really hard at times know that im a great catch,
i guess i haven't met "him" yet

share your stories gentlemen, if you are waiting or have met The One..


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  • I am extremely chivalrous. I am also very protective and probably the most affectionate man on the face of the earth. But i have learned that i need to work on my confidence and my trust issues. I long for an extremely sweet, loving girl who depends on me and clings to me. But i must prepare myself for a new relationship before she is sent to me.

    • aawwwwh how sweet =) you will meet her

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    • Wow, thank you. That song was touching.

    • i knew you would love it i have a playlist of songs similar to that one
      Dear No one- Tori Kelly
      haven't met you yet- Michael Buble
      Worth the wait- Jordin Sparks
      Love will find a way- Sam Cooke
      Praying for you- Mandisa =)


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  • Haha, well first off, I don't believe in the concept of The One. There are many people any given person will be compatible with.

    Anyway, "chivalry" isn't an effective way to behave in today's world, it's out of place. It's suitable after you've already gotten into a relationship, but prior to that, it tends to cause problems for initiating a relationship. Any guy with a clue isn't going to engage in ineffective behavior.

    I think there's something to be said for generally polite behavior, but too many women (sometimes justifiably) get offended by the behavior as two-faced and manipulative rather than seeing it as honest and unassuming kind behavior.

    • makes perfect sense and i agree to a certain degree, there are women in our generation who can appreciate a "knight in shining armor" but to each their own, i won't lower my standards inspite of, thanks for your opinion

  • Oh yes, I am the total package. A gentleman of the highest degree. If by gentleman you mean asshole, I'm the one you seek, my princess.

  • Yes i want meet a girl whose going be my Princess lol

  • Yeah me. But my progress isn't going so well because I still look at good looking girls too often :(.

  • I'll believe it when I see it.

  • There are, but they're looking for the classic "woman". Not every girl deserves this treatment.

  • I don't want a princess.

  • I'm sure there is but I think I'm probably past that point now.

    • why do you say that?

    • That's just me I guess. I have different ethnics in my family though such as Hispanic and Italian and I'm part Indian. They are obviously comfortable with it. Me I feel I have more in common with white girls I suppose.

    • that's your personal preference and there's nothing wrong with that

  • i am like this... but i think it´s this exact attitude that prevents us from finding a decent partner :/

    • not necessarily dear, there are still women who appreciate chivalry =)

      you just haven't met her yet
      be encouraged

    • i think both sides (of people like us) have too high expectations which the other person can not fulfil.

    • they are very much attainable, we just are a different kind of people, not everyday people
      but i agree thanks again

  • I was raised that way, very much so. Open doors, respect, chivalry, treat her with honor...

    Girls whipped it outta me in college and taught me better, haha!

  • Yes, I'm wondering when she'll become a regular part of my life. It's odd because people told me on a recent trip I'm good looking and all that. I just think I'm me. Even more frustrating for me is that I'm still needing help with flirting.

    • awwwh shy guys are the best =), and you will build up the courage of meet a special lady will bring out the best in you

      best wishes

    • Thanks!! I was in LAX a few days ago, waiting in the Customs line, started some idle conversation with a gal. Later at the baggage claim area same gal asked if this was the flight from NRT. Mom had to prod me to talk to her.

      The gal was cute. I just really need help in this area.

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