Do shy girls frustrate guys?

Do shy girls frustrate guys? If it's mutual but the girl is too shy to even make a move. Does it frustrate you or ever happened to you? What did you do? Ignore them or?


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  • It's frustrating in the sense that you think they're stuck up and they don't like you and it's really hard to tell the difference.

    There was a girl I hooked up with my very first weekend in college. I met her while me and my friend were smoking hookah in front of the dorm and her and her roommate joined in. We were shotgunning and then eventually made out. She gave me her number and asked me to eat lunch with her the next day so I did.

    Later on that night, her roommate, some friends and i go to the hookah bar. I asked the girl if she wanted to come with and she said she was gonna stay in and study. The next day I see her on campus and I say hi to her and she doesn't respond. Her roommate I became friends with said she told her she likes me but is worried I don't like her for whatever reason. Later on that week I'd text her to hang out and she'd ignore me and give me awkward looks when I saw her on campus. Her roommate told me that she said she was depressed from being away at home.

    I thought I did something had but then I found out from other friends that she's just complicated and insanely shy. Had I not found that out, I would have thought she was a stuck up, moody bitch.

    • Damn, she's super shy.

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    • Oh okay, that's true. You wouldn't want that.

    • No definitely not. Funny thing is some of these girls act like you're boring if you don't have something to say all the time, when they're the boring ones.

      I think I'd much rather have a girl who never shuts up than one who doesn't talk at all.


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  • Yes it does. Speaking from experience. She was so indecisive and never could make up her mind. So much so she stood me up. Twice. The first time i said ok she's just nervous, ill give her a second shot. Second time, well i haven't talked to her since. Its ok to be shy, but if you like someone or think you may and he asks you out. Go, open up a little and get out of your comfort zone.

    • Oh okay, what if she made the effort the second time after he said we'll see?

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    • Okay thank you

    • Your welcome.

  • Yes when they never talk and bring value to the table. Its like she has no say so and is just a live Big toy sitting there

    • How would you deal with it? Would you Ignore them to make them talk?

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    • Move on you can do better then that guy

    • Agreed, it's like you're talking to a wall when they're that quiet or give very generic responses even if you ask them about themselves.

      I remember I had my 2nd date with this girl 6 weeks after our first and besides her asking me about my new job, it was pretty much quiet until I talked. A lot of times when I would talk or say something she'd say yeah, right, hahah and then be quiet until I talked.

      We went to see the movie Gone Girl and leaving the movie/date felt so insanely awkward. She was quiet until I talked, gave generic, one word responses. Before we parted ways, we just hugged and that was it. That's when I knew it was not gonna work out.

  • Shy girls frustrate me. Went on a date with this one who took way too much effort to try to get her to speak. I asked questions, made jokes, even said provocative and some perverted things just for the sake of trying to get her to react. Ugh...

    Never will date a shy girl again.

    • What if she made the effort to talk after finding out it frustrates him?

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    • I hear you on that. It's painfully annoying. I've had some that are quiet until I'm talking and they give no opinion on anything. I felt like if I saw them or had another date with them again, it'd be awkward as hell because I'd have to come up with a script of questions to ask to keep them talking.

  • more of give off a nasty vibe so more of misunderstanding. wed rarely think its shyness nor can we distinguish one from another


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  • I'm shy and approachable looking but I'm pretty sure I have scared almost every guy I have talked to. (except for this one really weird guy who yells my name out in a weird tone and I've never talked to him before but he has a gf)

    • Im weird at first but outgoing when you get to know me. No guy has gotten that first stage. (I think it's because my walls are too high)

    • through that*