I'm an introvert and rarely date and I'm picky when I do. But I'm falling for someone now... but dammit: He's crazy. Is it worth it?

He's an exquisite human being. He's smart, aware, funny, loyal, adventurous, well traveled, and generous.

... but he also has a temper, he's jealous, possessive, clingy, and has trust issues.

Fuck. Just my luck, right?

Is it worth it?


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  • Hahaha, wonderful. Isn't it awesome how the heart works? Just when you thought you'd never go for someone. I say give it a shot, in the name of love. Just for the thrill of it. And if it works out, wonderful, if not then you have a little more experience with crazy people. You got nothing to lose!

    • I like the way you think lol.. Thanks for the input

    • I've dated a few crazy people. The ride up the hill is far more fun then the crash. Get out when things start to look bleak! Haha, good luck!


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  • How much of his negative qualities are willing to put up with?

    • I'm very patient and understanding with weird/troubled people. Up to a point.
      That point would be when it starts to cause me depression or anxiety and hinder my daily life. Then I would draw the line... But I feel crazy saying that :(

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    • It's complicated but here's why: I have a high tolerance for crazy. I'm very patient. I'm a psych major and for some reason, I guess I understand the craziness more and it allows me to tolerate it. But that doesn't mean that he hasn't done things that I KNOW are out of line and triggered by an insecurity of his. I just wonder if it's worth it because I know how this goes. It gets worse.
      But man, when it's good... it's reallllly good. Better connection than anyone I've had.

    • Is there any way you can try to reduce his insecurities? It could go worse, but sometimes, he might surprise you.

  • That's a tough situation. I'd say to try it, but be careful about and keep in mind his temper and possessiveness. I'd also keep in mind though, how he'd react if you broke up with him. Would he get mad? Hurt you? Keep a grudge? Try to make you jealous? or conversely, would he support you and be okay with it?

    Just a few things to keep in mind

  • Lez crazu bitchrs alone.

  • Everything but trust issues I don't know what to say. But for trust there may be some deeper cause. Is it just that he's closed off or something in his past?


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  • Omg. I'm jealous. He sounds perfect. GO FOR IT GIRL AND GIVE HIM YO VIRGINITY