Age? Is there a limit?

So I like this guy a lot and we have been flirting non stop over the course of the last few weeks.

Background. We have been friends for a while now but over the last month or so we have been flirting heavily. Normally we would all go out with the group and since some of them have gone to university and colleges it just us here to hang out with.
So the other thing is he is 6 years younger than me. Am I pushing my luck by falling for someone younger? Is it normal to want to date someone younger by many years?
What is the limit on age difference?

Well he is 20 so he is legal.


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  • Doesn't matter cos people can be immature or mature at any age lol. Judge him on his personality not his age hopefully he will do the same.

    • I like his personality he acts immature but I have gotten to know him - he is actually very mature for his age.


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  • Once you hit 18 there is no age limit

  • Will this relationship work? I am 14 and she is 17

    • Of course if she likes u

    • That is what I am trying to find out is there a possibility for us to get passed the point of friendship to relationship. But in your case I think that age gap might be small but the legal system would have a problem with it.

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