Girl Im talking to used to cut herself, drink and do drugs heavily, now she seems ok?

Should I go forward with talking to her still. She used to also be in a gang. She works full time with kids now and doesn't do any of that stuff anymore. What do you think? Would you go forward if you were in my shoes?


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  • You are going to be with her; not her past. But an addict will always be an addict--just in varying degrees of recovery. They can exhibit greater joy than most people because of the depths of despair they have been to. They love very fiercely and appreciate life. But those tendencies stay with them. If you love that person deeply enough to walk that road with them, it is very rewarding. You will see life in ways others won't. But there are times they will struggle with tbe addictions they formed. Just remember that we all have a past and we all have emotional baggage, whether we are addicts or not. I wish both of you the best, whether you end up together or not.


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  • If a year or more has passed since then why not at least get to know her

  • Obviously you don't judge her on her past and your okay with her kids. You need to be sure she is done with the drugs and has no part in a gang at all. Because you can put yourself in harm doing so. She has obviously been through a lot, so if you're entering her life, don't fuck it up. She doesn't need that. Her kids don't need that either. I think if you like her and you want to be with her and the gang and drugs are gone 100% then go for it buddy!

    • She doesn't have kids, she works with kids...

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