Should I keep texting?

I met this girl at an online dating site. She gave me her number and we have been texting since yesterday. Its cool but sometimes the conversation will just kind of dye out. Should I keep trying to continue the conversation or just wait for her to text me with something new. Don't want to seem needy but I also don't want to just kind of stop talking mid conversation which is what I did.


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  • I'd leave it alone cause you only met her yesterday and that means that she is busy or isn't very interested. Don't reply cause you may appear needy since its so early in the relationship. As exciting as a new love interest can be, don't be the clingy one and play hard to get a little. No too much where you seem like a douche, but enough that she'll start up a conversation. If not, she isn't intereste and leave her alone. Peace !

  • The thing about online sites is that if she doesn't reply you'll get over it in a week


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