What are some clues im dating a shallow girl?

You know the type of girl who will leave as soon as i lose my job. What are some warning signs?


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  • She is overly concerned about the opinions of others. She has to suite the fashion of each season. You don't really know when she is giving her opionion, or the world's opinion. If you don't compliment her she changes. She calls guys losers.. judges their clothing brands. She always expects you to pay. She refuses to be seen in anything cheap looking or used. She always wears a ton of make up. If you at the moment are well off and she is constantly bragging to her friends.

    Basically women who live for show. I picked out all of these traits from girls I knew in the past. I knew a girl that dumped a guy for wearing outdated sneakers.


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  • If you lose your job that is one thing, if you get fired for being chronically lazy or unreliable or some other bad reason or do not make a quick attempt to put yourself out there and find a new job, then any girl who has half a brain would run for her life because everyone needs a strong right hand. Having standards is not shallow.

    • you know people lose jobs aren't always fired right?

    • I prefaced with the thought that being laid off or fired for illegitimate reasons is ok as long as there is motivation to look for a new job if that happens.

    • Obviously there are misfortunes that occur sometimes.

  • Does she seem interested in what you say when you're talking? Does she expect you to pay every time you go out? Does she expect to be taken to expensive places all the time? If the answers are no, yes, yes.. you've got a problem.

  • I guess that means I'm not shallow. Yay me.
    In all honesty, girls like that piss me off. I'm not quite sure what else to say.

  • One who cares about her image too much


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