How to handle his family after breaking up and getting back together?

I'm restarting a relationship with my boyfriend. While we were first together, his family really liked me and I really liked them. I think after us breaking up they got a little upset. I'd like to get on their good side again, but I don't know how. Should I wait it out or try to talk to them? If the answer is to talk to them, how should I go about it?

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  • Did you cheat on him or otherwise do something hurtful that they would have reason to hold against you? If not, I'm sure they'll come back around eventually... right now they're probably just feeling things out to see if the two of you are really going to work it out for the long run. Once they are confident that your relationship is functional and healthy again, I'm sure they'll come around :)

    • No, I didn't cheat or anything like that. I guess their just upset that he got hurt. Thank you for the advice :)

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  • Show them with your actions and the way you look at their son and that will make them so happy

  • im sorry, i dont understand why his family would get upset?

    • It's mainly the parents. They were upset that their son got hurt and don't want him to get hurt again. I get it because It's the same deal with my mom. She's upset at him because I got hurt.

    • oh! okay i get it. well id honestly back of. just wait until they made the first step to try come talk with me. :)

    • Thank you :)