How do you get over an infatuation?

How do you get over an infatuation? I know I'm infatuated with a guy, I don't really like him, and it's really bugging me that I just can't seem to move on. Has anyone else been in a similar situation and/or have any tips to get over him?



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  • Try to do activities that keep your mind off of it, go out, spend time with friends. Eventually you will forget about him.


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  • here's what you do: you stay away from the guy and keep busy and whenever you do see him just be professional and cordial. i have been infatuated with a few older men and it does no justice sitting there holding your breath for them to feel the same way because the truth is infatuation over a person usually goes no where if the other person doesn't feel the same way and you'll just be sitting there wasting your time over some guy who doesn't even know you think about him all the time! it may even creep him out a little... honestly. just stay away and if you see him just be cordial and its fine. infatuation literally is not forever and because you'll be so busy living your own life you're mind will be too busy focusing on the good things in your life and before you know it you can forget about him and live your life

    • Thanks, I'll try. It does feel like I'm wasting my time and I could be with someone else but this is just getting in the way.

    • think about this: if someone can't see how amazing you are then let them go. stop waiting around for people who dont make you feel appreciated and worth while. this experience will make you stronger. maybe try sports, volunteering, or traveling. definitely the less time you spend hanging around that person and the more time you spend making memories doing awesome shit... then you won't care at all about being with anyone and you will probably never be infatuated by people

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