Am I Overracting/overthinking this? how can I get better?

I 've been seeing and talking to a girl i met on tinder for a little over a month now. We have been on 4 dates and have expressed that we liked each other as well as kissed. Saturday we went on another date and we discussed what we wanted and we want to date but not rush into anything and take our time. We have been texting/ talking almost on a daily basis since we met for the first time. However, i do notice that she logs into tinder still and hasn't responded to a text i sent today, and i usually don't text her if she hasn't responded. Should i be concerned about her talking to other guys and possibly losing interest on me? or am i being too clingy?


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  • You're too clingy over nothing. If you keep this up she'll run away


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  • Being too clingy is bad trust me I know. If you are clingy to a point she knows you fancy her and you want to be with her that's good.