Why I'd being a nice guy so wrong?

I've been told I'm to nice too sweet and very caring that's why I'm single. I don't know how to change? I thought women want a hard working loyal kind man who can take care of them, am I wrong?


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  • That's often a euphemism for another, possibly-related flaw (though I think a lot of girls don't always realize that kindness isn't the actual problem). I'm *not* saying any of this is true for you, but you may come across as too clingy, too needy, too desperate, too passive (doormat), too nosy-with-good-intentions, maybe you seem to lack personality because you're trying too hard to fit what you think women want. Maybe you seem like a goody-goody, or like you focus so much on being nice that you've neglected the rest of your personality.

    I'm just rattling off things which are often phrased as "too nice" instead of what they actually are. It really muddles things up, in my opinion.

    • I don't mean to come off clingy and needy. I just Want to show interested.

    • I'm not saying you do, no worries. It's just a possibility. If you think that is the problem, maybe just try to hold back a little more. There is a "happy medium" when it comes to showing interest, you know?


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  • how nice are you btw?

  • When someone is toooo nice its not great.. But if you are to mean/rude that's not great either... You got to be in the middle ( not to nice not to mean)


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