I am a man who is getting serious with a bi-sexual woman, thoughts?

she says she is a monogamous lover, anyone?, Beuller... Beuller? oh and she is 43 and successful.


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  • "she says she is a monogamous lover..."

    I don't understand your concern.

    • I am just not sure , I am in uncharted territory here.

    • Being bisexual doesn't make her any different. She told you she's monogamous, so I don't see an issue.

    • I guess it's just the old cliché that gay means promiscuity, I have not expressed my concern to her and I know she won't be that way, I really like her. but then I wonder even if she was with a woman... would it bother me. I think maybe no, bc I knew before hand and its not the same as sleeping with a man.. so I guess I move forward.


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  • Don't let it bother you. Older bisexuals women are more likely to know what they want. Your relationship is getting serious, that means she wants you. Be happy and don't stress her sexuality :)
    Experience: Lesbian that's dated nothing but bisexual women.

  • She is not any more likely to cheat on you if she's bisexual. Just because she's bisexual doesn't mean she wants to sleep with everyone.


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  • If she's bisexual are you both open to threesomes? Maybe you can have the best of both worlds. Also personally I don't consider a woman with a woman cheating on me. The other woman is giving her something I can't. Men are just built different.