Who picks up the tab and why?

If a girl offered to pay would you let her?
Would you be offended? (I have met some men who said they would be).
What would be your reaction/ response?

Would you ever offer to pick up the tab?
Is it always the guys responisbility?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I have always offered to pay. There is usually this mere moment where both of us are flashing and waving paper money in the cashiers face lol but for some weird reason they always take money from the guy (not fair)!!!

    I would like to pay half/half, regardless of who had more beers, or who had the most expensive meal. Half/half regardless.


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What Guys Said 2

  • As it stands, no. I am literally broke. I have next to no money. I'm looking for a job while at college, so it isn't easy financially.
    If she offered to pay the tab I'd make it my duty to pay the next one, if not the next two. I'd try and get some money together perhaps even selling some of my stuff to prove to her that I'm committed.

  • I think whoever asked the other out (if a date) has to pay, regardless of gender. And if they're in a relationship then it should be either 50/50 every time, they pay for each other's meals, or they take turns paying for the whole thing.


What Girls Said 1

  • Usually the guy picks up the tab in the beginning of a relationship but after awhile it's fair game, the girl should do it too. My bf and I started with him paying every time and then after a few months I started occasionally depends on who's idea it was to go out and if it's the opposites bday then obviously they shouldn't pay.