Would he like what i'm making?

okay this is urgent, its my boyfriend's birthday and i want to surprise him with dinner. I didn't get around to making a trip to the market. But right now i'm cooking him vegetable pasta and brown rice that will be mixed into the pasta later. i want to make this dinner nice for him and i'm worrying that it isn't enough. So guys would you like what i'm making or not?

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  • why don't you make something that you know he likes

    • its something new

    • but he is a guy, if there is something that he really likes, give him that, because he really likes it he will be delighted to get it, this way it will save on all the hassle if he doesn't like what you are making, now i am not saying he is going to not like it but why take the chance when it is an important day, it is about what he wants and likes after all, not what you want. just think if he doesn't like it your going to feel bad because you didn't get it right and he didn't like it, then he is going to feel bad for making you feel bad, then your going to feel bad all over again, not the chance to take on someones birthday

    • do the experimenting with the food some other day so if it goes wrong it won't be a big deal and you can laugh about it and go get take away, i know i mess up food all the time, never do it when it matters, he might not care about the food but it will matter to you, you wouldn't be worried about it if it didn't matter to you


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  • errr how we're supposed to know what kind of food he likes basically? :-P

  • unless he is vegetarian get some meat in there. guys LOVE meat. I hate it when girlfriends will make me some veggie dish. i smile and pretend it is so filling but inside I'm thinking i want a big greasy burger.


What Girls Said 2

  • I get that you'd like to cook something different but it's his bday... His favorite dish would be best. Maybe what he likes best with a different twist? A something themed maybe? My bf loves meat and spicy food so I did once a Mexican themed dinner - including sombreros and music - and he loved it!

  • Add some BBQ Ribs 😍