Guys , girls I need help?

OK so this guy and I have been talking for a little over two months now. It was going very well , to the point we were close to dating. But now he doesn't seem interested like we use to text a lot and hold nice long conversations. Now he barely answers this has been happening for a little over a week now ( I am the type of girl who if i say good morning at 9 am and he doesn't answer i won't text him for the rest of the day because i think if he wanted to talk he would have answered at some point of the day) and what I need help with is how to form a question to him asking if he is no longer interested without me sounding like I am clingy/desperate.


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  • There might be something going on in his life right now just ask him. guys like to be listened to just like girls, sometimes theyr'e just to embarassed to admit it.

  • Lol you guys aren't snything. You think you were close, he doesn't see it that way. Believe me , if he wanted to date you, he would have asked you out during that time and he choose not to because he doesn't like you that way