Cuddling and future plans?

So I have to admit I am not that good at the dating thing. In fact I prefer to be single. However, there is a friend of mutual friends that I have been acquaintances with for a while. We tended to see each other at karaoke at one friends bar or at other friend's birthday parties at the bar.

After an absence of about 2 months, I was back at the bar on Friday for a friend's birthday party. For what ever reason, Tim (we shall call him) made a move. We kissed nothing big except that after we kissed both of us were like whoa (literally he said it). Exchanged numbers texted all weekend. Made plans Sunday to meet up last night.

Our text conversations basically turned into 100 questions.. to the point where would answer and say your turn.. have a lot in common. But him being a guy a few of the questions got sexual. I answered because I am essentially a tomboy but...

Monday at midnight he is begging me to come over I said no... Booty call. He was late last night but he made his excuses. I had my best friend with me and we were at another friend's birthday. When he came in he walked over kissed the top of my head and apologized again. Had a great night. He asked my best friend if he could bring me home (as she and I rode together in my car) he did. We sat out in the living room and my best friend and Tim were talking about comic books, She showed him the Deadpool game. I had to work today so I was like I am going to bed but stay as long as you like shortly after that. He followed me into my room and we laid down.. one thing lead to another... twice... and I thought, "well you just screwed that one up Brandy" But he didn't leave, instead he cuddled with me all night. This morning we made plans for him to come over after work on Friday . If I am just a booty call would he have cuddled or made future plans?


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  • no I would say thats relationship


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  • The fact that he stayed with you is a promising sign. I'd definitely bring up any concerns you have though.


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  • Women, in general, tend over think these situations. It's not just us, but men as well, it's our nature. I think that you laid good groundwork to tell him that you aren't open to being a booty call.

    Seriously, I think you will get your answer come Friday .