We can't date because of her mother?

When I invite her she says that she probably can't, not because she doesn't want to, but because of her mother. She has talked a lot about her problems with her mother to me and she keeps telling me that its not against me that she won't go out. What should I do?


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  • Maybe you could meet the mother and talk with her. I have to admit I'm in a similar situation. I have this guy friend and we were having some problems and I talked about it with my mom and now she thinks I hate him. She also told me to ignore him and well we are friends again. I would just prove to the mom you are a good person. It could be that the girl is using her mom as an excuse to not date you.


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  • Its not your place bro. Its a family matter.

    you're 19.. time to move on. You can't get caught up in these situations. Find healthy girls who have healthy relationships with their parents. Especially dad. That usually will dictate a good part of their psychological state.