My friend has a crush on my boyfriend, advice?

My best friend has a massive crush on my boyfriend. She clings onto his arm and teases him constantly. She's my friend but how do I politely tell her to back off?

It's getting really bad. She treats him as if it were her boy. Worst of all, its not only ruining mine and hers friendship but also ruining mine and my boyfriends relationship. She knows me and him and dating and she really needs to back down XD


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  • She is not really your friend is she, I wouldn't be her friend anymore. But, if you still want to be her friend, tell her that you feel uncomfortable with her behavior. Give the specific, the clinging of his arms, the teasing that appears to cross the line, and let her know how that makes you feel.

    Also, don't invite her when you are with your boyfriend. If you must, only hang out with her when your boyfriend isn't around.


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  • Your friend is an untrustworthy slut... if u want to call her a "friend".

    No politeness. Tell this bitch to step the fuck off YOU man!

    Do this yesterday!

  • tell her "sorry but this guy is taken"

    if she's our friend she'll understand ;-)

  • If ur not in a serious relationship all three of you enjoy threesome sex it will b fun


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  • She knows what she is doing and is doing it on purpose. We're not stupid, we know when we're flirting, it would be different if it was conversation (as in non-deliberate action) and they just had good chemistry. But with how you describe it she is doing it on purpose and NOT being your friend. You need to confront her directly. Also, you need to tell your boyfriend, my boyfriend never flirts with other girls, nor would he let anyone cling onto him- boys know THAT much. If he LEGITIMATELY was unaware that's one thing, but you do need to tell him as well. My boyfriend and I are super stable/communicative, I swear it is the answer to life is just communicating honestly and to the best of your ability- it's hard but it's worth it. Good luck!

  • Just tell her, be like he is MY boyfriend not yours, you need to step down. Because if you try and subtly tell her she probably won't notice because she likes him so much. Also I wouldn't really be friends with her if I were you. It just seems shitty of her to go after the guy you're dating.

  • The fact that you think she's your friend is sad to me. If she actually was your friend and still had a crush on him she would avoid him and wouldn't flirt