I'm so fearful of rejection and shy and this is ruining my chances of getting a girl?

I hate being so shy and fearful, especially when I know that a lot of girls find me attractive but the fact that I'm so socially awkward is keeping me from finding a girlfriend. I'm a sophomore in highschool and this has kept me single all my life and it's really start to aggravate me because no matter what i try i cannot quell this fear of rejection.

I already suspect that a really sexy latina likes me but again this is keeping me from making the first move and eventually like the other girls she will get tired of waiting for my ass to grow some balls and move on to the next guy.

I really need some help on how I can get over this fear of rejection because so far I haven't gotten a straight answer from people I've talked to. It's amazing how smart, clean, and good looking you can be but if you lack confidence it renders all of that irrelevant and this is my case.

So again how can i overcome this, guys that have overcome this in the past especially in high school please enlighten me.


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  • how did you get over the fear of riding a bike? keep trying through trial and error. apply the same concept to women.

    • Well a bike isn't a concious being and won't judge you or gossip about you, etc.

      But i get your point.

    • getting the point across is the only goal and you got it.

      the expression is merely just an expression.


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  • Just ask for her number or Facebook and then message her. I know some people say it's bad to ask someone out over text but personally I don't care and it's less confrontational than asking in person.


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  • dude if you're afraid of rejection... then you'll get nowhere...

    everyone will suffer a rejection you know...

    smiley-lol. com/smiley/celebre/historique/napoleon1. gif

  • I don know how much you are shy but its easy just go and talk to her go with the flow you dont need to be genius go straight to her take a deep breath smile and start by hi I'm whatever :) how are you she will answer keep the conversation until you feel you can't say more ask her number or offer your number up to you

  • Try asking a girl out with the end goal to actually be rejected. Don't say things to get rejected but if you think you'll be rejected for genuinely hitting on a girl then have a game to see how many times you can be rejected.