Is it clingy if I call him?

I feel dumb for asking such a pathetic question but here it is. I guess I started seeing this guy who was my friend before and we told each other that we both like each other and we want to see where it goes and it's supposed to be going in relationship direction. We haven't been on an official date, but he said we should go to one soon, we hung out a lot and kissed, he spent the night (without sex) and it was really nice. He seems to really like me, but now I haven't seen him since the morning 2 days ago. Is it clingy if I just randomly give him a call to chat and remind him of my existance, or should I wait a few more days?


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  • Don't feel dumb! And wait for him to do it because the rule in life is if a guy likes you he will always put in forth effort to get to you

  • Wait cuz you don't wanna look so desperate