How To Ask Out A Shy Girl For A Second Time?

Alright, a couple of weeks ago I decided to ask out my crush and the uneditable happened, she had said no. But it wasn't so uneditable as what I first thought it was, apparently she came looking for me to find out if it was to late to change her mind, but she couldn't find me, because I went home early with the flu. So at the end of last week one of my friends decided to see for them selves why she had said no. And she told him the truth about how she was going to say yes but I had disappeared, then one of her friends confronted me and said that she "said yes" and that I would need to ask her out again for it to be confirmed (if you will) and she knew I was going to ask her out again, but when I went down the corridor to ask her out she ran off into the girls toilets. But I don't know if everyone is just playing with my head and she really doesn't like me. And I have no clue how to confront her to ask her out if she's just going to run off. What are some of the things that I can do?


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  • i have been this girl before and if she is like me she may just be scared. it appears she is playing game but i dont think she is because i have been in her shoes. As most guys know girls like to be chased and most guys like girls who like to be chased. to shorten this up just ask for her number, maybe on social media or something. if she says no to that then she may be playing games or unsure of your intentions, just make it clear on what you want. due to you coming to this website i assume you really like her so who cares about anyone else just go for it the next chance you get. what could go wrong in asking again, or just asking for her number this time.


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  • Weird, sounds like she's playing games. Just try to ask her when she's alone... I'm not really familiar with this type of shy girl.

    Maybe ask her over Facebook or text or something rather than in person because it seems like she has problems with face to face conversation. This could prove difficult on a date though.

    • Wow you just described her and all of my worries in that answer thanks so much

    • No problem!! (:

  • just keep talking to her and don't be confrontational about her actually wanting to go out


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