Dating would be so much easier if married people would get out of the singles dating pool?1?

I'm tired of married men approaching me and at this new job I have never experienced so many people cheating on their spouses with their coworkers, males & females alike! It's crazy!! So I'm wondering, is this a trend or is it only a sad epidemic in my part of the world?

  • Yes, there are too many unfaithful spouses
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  • I am one of those cheating spouses (lol)
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  • I'm open to swinging & an open marriages
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  • I think it is a terribly sad situation to which I believe communication is key. How can we spread the word... talk to your spouse instead of looking outside the marriage.

    • That is the ultimate key. Married people need to stick with each other instead of stepping out and lying and manipulating others. I wouldn't put up with a cheating spouse, not even for the kids!

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  • Absolutely


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