Would it be weird to ask her out?

There's this girl that work at this video rental store by where I live I don't know of she has a bf or not but I find her very attractive I know one time I asked her if she'd like to go see a movie some time & she said she had a bf but this has been 2 or 3 years ago. So last night was my first time in there in a few months so every time I'm in there I always like to make the employees laugh & last night she was working so I asked if she could recommend me a few movies & she did & I made a few jokes & she laughed no big deal & we started talking about different movies. So I rented my movies & left. I know talking to her & making her laugh doesn't mean she likes me & My hole reason for making her & other employees laugh isn't to try & pick them up its simply to entertain so I'm not making it blaintly obvious I'm hitting on her. I'm thinking next time I'm in there about cracking a few more joke see if she starts flirting & maybe ask her out for coffee. But I don't know of that would be weird or not plus I don't know if she has a bf or not. Any suggestions? Would that be weird?


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  • No, it's totally okay. But i'll say you shouldn't expect too much coz expectation leads to heartbreak.


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  • What exactly do you have to lose? Go for it. If she has a bf, she will simply tell you and feel flattered by the attention.