Why would my bf say this?

Awhile ago my bf was drunk and he said that if I cheated on him he wouldn't care and I could do it once and he would still love me. Then the next day when he was sober he denied saying that. Why would he say this? He said he has never cheated on me. I know people say dumb stuff when they are drunk so I don't need any answers like thay. But what would make him day this?


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  • cheating was on his mind, either he heard from a friend that someone he knew was cheating, or saw something on TV, or read an article or something like that most likely and he was thinking "what would I do if she cheated?" and his answer just blurted out, alcohol... go figure. (most likely scenario)


What Girls Said 1

  • He might be thinking about how strong your relationship is. If he said this while he was drunk he could be giving you a hint to something he has done or something he wants to do. It kind of depends on what kind of a drunk he is.