Is it wrong of me to be jealous of my boyfriend and do you think it will damage our relationship?

So I don't really have any friends and my boyfriend has a lot and this year he has been invited to go over to hang out with the guys a lot (I am happy he is socializing and having fun so no I don't want him to stay home). I get really jealous and feel really lonely though because I haven't been asked to hang out with a friend once this school year and it just really sucks.


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  • It's normal to feel that way at your age. How about YOU ask a friend to hang out?

    • I only have like 2 and one isn't really allowed to do anything (she has strict lebanese parents and isn't even allowed to roll in the gross... unfortunately I am not exaggerating) and the other doesn't seem to be very interested in me lately. I have acquaintances that are becoming closer to friends but I feel like if I ask them they will feel pressured to agree even though they don't want to.

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    • Why? Do you have a reason to or is it just unjustified insecurities? Post a picture without face and see what people think.

    • I don't know. I feel like people only get annoyed by those questions and if someone said anything bad I wouldn't be able to handle it well.

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  • Well I can understand how you're feeling but it's a bit of a minor thing to be jealous of to be honest. I mean he's not seeing other girls, right? Just with the boys! It obviously sounds like you love spending every minute with him which is a good thing, but I'm when he's not there you should think of some things to do in your spare time while he's out with friends, like hobbies. Although, I did read some of your comments about your friends not always being available but you just have to try your best to make the effort. Are there people in your classes that you do speak to just a little bit that you have never hanged out with outside school? Well it wouldn't hurt to ask one of them if they're busy in the weekend and if they wanna hang out. Just a little suggestion to become closer to other people if you were interested.

    Overall, is it wrong? In this case, no but like I said it's a minor reason. Will it damage the relationship? Well that's what you have to think about. Being overly jealous can push some people away, so be careful about that.


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  • Then ask your friends to hang out with you? Geez, you can't just expect everyone to hand everything on a silver plate to you. If you want something to happen, you've got to make it happen. If you don't put any effort into your friendships, then why do you think anyone else would want to put effort into being friends with you? Don't over think things, just go out and have fun.

    • I don't really have friends... that's the problem. If you look above to my communication with MoshingExec I explain my situation of having no friends.

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    • And how was I supposed to know that when you didn't even mention it in your question?

    • Well I said to look at my response to the guy above... Why would anyone not try and make friends unless it gave them anxiety?

  • Jealousy and being envious can be dangerous.

    • I know but I thought that maybe this was just a small thing that wouldn't affect us much.