Have not heard from him in a week? What shall I do? Help!!

Ive been friends with this guy for 2 years and he started chasing me 5 weeks ago. He told me that he was not looking for anything serious at the moment but he was willing to give it a try. I was playing cool at the start, I let him text me first, then we took turns in texting each other first. We met up alot, he texted me nearly everyday. Last weekend, I wanted to spice things up so I dressed up in a french maid outfit, gave him a back massage and had sex. I haven't heard from him since. I texted him 2 days ago, just saying hi and still no reply. Will I wait longer or will I just forget about it and move on? Guys help me out here!


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  • This is actually pretty easy as far as what to do. You need to wait. The ball is in his court. You sent him a text and it takes no time at all to respond to one but he chose not to. Let's just pretend he did not get your text (which I never buy anyways) well he should be trying to reach you anyways, regardless.

    I can tell you there is every chance he will contact you, but the fact that he disclosed right away that he was not looking for anything serious and now how he is treating you after you had sex, tells me he has put you in the booty call category. So, yes, at some point he will want to see you again but it will be in hopes of enjoying sex again, not because he is heading down the road to a relationship or considering one. Personally a guy who started out with telling me he was not looking for anything serious at the moment but he was willing to give it a try, well I wouldn't expect anything but a casual fling from them. Any guy who thought he might want a relationship would NOT start off his pursuit of you with a statement like that. He would be afraid you would drop him.


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  • he got his cake and he ate it, and now he's full!


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  • forget about him! he definitely should have replied within a week. he just wants sex.

    dont be surprised if he texts you in a week or 2 saying "hey how are you" or something similar with no explanation or apology. don't fall for it! just a booty call!

    • Cheers! I just thought dressing up for him would make him more interested. He must be gay or something haha. Thanks a million!