His friends said he likes me, but were they joking or TELLING THE TRUTH?

Okay so long story short... I was in art class 2day and there's this guy I have a crush on. TBH he's popular and I'm kinda in the "un-cool" group. He used to ignore me but this semester in school he started talking to me somewhat. (Like flirting/teasing me). I was talking to his friends and they really randomly asked if I liked him. My crush was facing the other direction in his chair at a different table so I never saw his face. But he was really silent. He showed no reaction from the backside and said nothing and acted like he never heard, though I know he did. I was too scared to say yes, so I didn't answer. But they were saying things like: "he likes you" "he wants to take you to prom" etc. we're all freshman but I don't know... He doesn't display any obvious signs of liking me. I never catch him looking at me hardly... Do you think his friends said that to just make me feel awkward? Or do you think they were telling the truth? PLEASE HELP CUZ I'M SOOOO CONFUSED


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  • Guys who like girls sometimes act like they don't like them even though they do. It's quite common. I am pretty positive that they are telling the truth. I don't think his friends would say that just to make it awkward haha.


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  • he likes you