Boys: When you are having a great time with a boy , why does he turn cold and distant the next day?

So I have been messing around with this guy for around 2 years now and we both feel attracted to each other in some way.

I used to be very in love with hem, wanting to do everything to keep him happy and pleased which made me actually break inside. When I tried talking to him he became angry and called me names, often telling me to leave and never come back into his life (whilst I was willing to take care of him and make him happy).

However he always came back, being sweet and loving which made me forgive him (I love him - that makes things a lot different) and we started to hang out again. We have kissed and we have been a couple for a short time. He is always telling me how much he loves my body and how much he likes it etc.

However , after we had a great period - he always turns rather cold and distant. He won't talk to me and act rather agressive towards me. I don't show him any feelings of love anymore but still I am wondering why guys do this. He never explains it when I'm asking him why he does that and usually he will start ignoring me right after.


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  • Is this a gay sex question?


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