Did he get jealous or just being selfish d*ck?

This guy that I work w/ he always calls me every day and we always have good conversations. I know he has a girlfriend but yet he never talked about her. Well today he brought her up saying that she is helping him with something and so forth. I laughed and commented about it (even though I do like him) then switched topic after a few minutes (since he was opening up personally) telling him that I was going to a concert tonight to see an artist and he was like "uh.. ok. Never heard of him." I'm not sure if he got jealous that I told him I was going out or he's just a d*ck and only cares about himself and HIS world. Yesterday he emailed me asking if I was ok so it shows a caring side but this came at a shock how he reacted and I felt... well.. stupid. Like if he wasn't interested. I emailed him saying I didn't like that and he apologized saying he didn't mean to come off that way but I still can't get over it. A normal friend would have been like "great! Not sure who that is but have fun! Try not to get too wasted!!" but he was like.. rude. I wasn't interested in hearing about him and girlfriend but played it off laughing and so forth but it seems like w/ him he just showed his true colors. Am I over thinking this? Should I just keep it strictly business and not talk to him everyday? This kinda hurt.


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  • A combination.


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  • Wow you're a slag, honk honk beep beep! There's also married Johns in the world waiting to be serviced, since ya know a man being involved doesn't faze you in the midst of your attempts to get your ego boosted.