Do guys think it is attractive when girls are smarter than them?

I have a friend who is dating a girl who is ten years older than him, and not that pretty. When I asked him why he was dating her, he said the fact that she was way smarter than him was a deal-maker. I just wanted to see if this is a trend.

  • It's a turn-on a girl is smarter than me.
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  • It's a turn-off when a girl is smarter than me.
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  • Yes, as long as she isn't arrogant and tries to make me feel like an idiot whenever I don't know something.


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  • I actually think being of similar intelligence is very important in comparability for me. I once dated a girl who did not go to college and was not very into academics where I was super into my subjects. It didn't work out because a lot of time I felt I would discuss current events, economics or something or event something you would not need to be learning, but she could not communicate on my level and so I was bored in conversations with her...

    I also once dated a girl who was smarter than me, an it had similar problems and I knew what it was like to not keep on her level and it was infuriating for me at least.

    So I voted no, not because I don't like smart girls, I think they are sexy, but because someone may become bored and someone may feel put down...

  • Depends on what he meant by way smarter. Probably a combination of things.

    But I couldn't care less

  • I like smart girls. if she is stupid, she will be seen as a sex object to me and nothing more.


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  • Add the I'm a girl I want to see the results option on your poll!!