I'm not physically attracted to him, but I love his personality, perspectives?

I come here bc if i tell this to someone i'll sound shallow and maybe stuck up too.
The thing is, i'm dating this guy who's really my type but not physically, i've always dated hot guys, bc i am too. And i just wanna be with someone who's my type also physically, like, i want to feel more physical attraction to the guy, and with this guy i just don't feel much, but i like him, it's weird how i like him, it's as if he had a manual to conquer me. And there are handsome guys who like me, and u know. What am i supposed to do or think or whatever? I know i'm being insecure and shalllow..

pls dont tell me
"u shouldn't care about looks" i know, but i do, i can't help it


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  • I think that's normal.

    Attraction comes in many forms. And if there's true love, i. e. unconditional acceptance, I think it's possible for your physical attraction towards him to grow as well.

    Give it time. If he's really the one for you, you'll find yourself not caring how he looks at some point.


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  • Well, it's your life. If you want a hot guy, break up with him. If you want him, keep seeing him.

    • i want a hot guy, but i want him , i wish he was hot

    • Well, that's a dilemma you should live with. I wish i was an American citizen and happily married to Charlize Theron, but i'm not.

  • Be with someone who loves you a lot n always will... enjoy😊

  • only dating gor looks is how u end up with some one u hate for the rest of ur life or end up lonley


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  • I had the same issue with the last guy I dated, I thought he was super sweet and funny but I wasn't super physically attracted to him. I think sometimes I can grow, it depends on how much you like him as a person

    • what if i care about what people think of him, like thinking why im with him, how do i deal with that?

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    • that helped , acting like it's no big deal it's good thanks

    • your welcome. if you really like this guy, you're family will support you I promise