Am I overthinking things?

I have a tendency to overthink to the point im just going around in circles and feel like im just causing myself to over think even more. So I met up with the guy im seeing. Normally I am so excited to see him but the fact traffic was so bad that what should have been a 20 min drive took an hour and my neck was in a lot of pain from sleeping in the wrong position. Bottom line I was happy to see him but I was also tired and in pain. So we ended up getting cozy and intimate then went shopping for groceries. Now normally when we go out he hates pda meaning holding hands is the most he is comfortable about. But this time he was pressing up against me, leaning his head on me. Letting me put my arm around his waist for a bit ( I let go cause I didn't want him to get uncomfortable) but anyways after I made dinner at his place. We werent as cuddly until a few hours later. We had sex then fell asleep but I woke up abd had to leave. Usually he walks me to my car but this time he didn't cause he was half asleep. I know it probably sounds stupid but usually he's so cuddly and for him to be not as cuddly I guess its just thrown me off and I dono why. Am I overthinking all this?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah, I think you're overthinking. Nothing to worry about.


What Girls Said 2

  • Yes, you are obviously overthinking all this. Anyway, it sounds like he is into you. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.

  • He was probably just tired