How Can I stop obessessing over other girls looks and accept mine?

Im not sure what i need to do...

Everytime i see a pretty girl i obssesse over her looks and get the fear That m'y bf might like her or find her attractive or have a fantasy about her...

I literly start dying my hair and wear colored contacts to look like her...

Plus i made a mistake asking my bf if he though sshe was prettier he said "yes" ouch for me :/...

I don't know am i crazy or need thearapist? Cause i can't see myself as beautiful or least pretty at all.. i only see others who are...


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  • Girl no one is perfect and I'm sure even the prettiest girls probably look at other girls saying the same thing. You just have to be confident about yourself because seriously you are beautiful k you don't want to try and look like someone else just be yourself and try and be happy with that. I used to think just like you but now I'm happy with myself just walk with confidence and know you are beautiful.


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  • You need to accept who you are. The thing is you are pretty yourself but just remember even when you do see a girl you think is more pretty than you she still is not perfect. No one is perfect. Remember you have good things about you that that girl you think is better looking does not have. I personally think your boyfriend could have been a bit nicer in how he replied to your question. I think it might be a good idea to see a therapist and by the way I took a look at your profile pic and you are pretty.

    • Also feel free to post here or private message me as I would like to try and help you. I won't laugh or judge you. I would like to chat with you :)

  • Just imagine them without make up and having the 'revenge of Moctezuma' and painful periods.


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  • You are beautiful, you should always see your self as the most beautiful lady in the entire universe, tell yourself that regularly... admire your look just the way you admire other pretty girls. The way you see yourself will determine how people see you.

  • I have the same problem though I won't dye my hair or wear contacts to try to look like her.

  • first of all, you have no reason to fear when you know that they are after "ass" not vagina. vagina is only for the sake of fetus. so you might think you have competition but then there are tons of more threat than you could possible imagine such as horse ass, dog ass, chicken ass, pig ass, and dirty hairy ugly old mens'. I don't think he is attracted by what you imagine but he is definitely into something that you have never imagine before. - real world.

    • its called "men's dirty secret." you should watch some p*rno .

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    • I sense that you boy friend like to f**k feet. no offence but many guys looovvvvveeeeee <3 it

    • it's like male's defensive system mechanism. women want to get it from male but at the same time they want to give it. some guys use that. males are competing a lot but at the same time they want to make a peace so they would fuck something no one would fuck. and they keep it as secret and make a peach out of it. inside is different than outside. picky vs not picky, give vs get, beauty vs ugly