I like him but not enough, I wish I could cut this but I can't I dont wanna hurt him. help?

he's super sweet, he tells me so many sweet things and im like omg awwwwwww, i like him, he's like the perfect bf, but it's like, I don't know, im not that into him, and i like more another guy, bc this guy is shows too much interest, and it's too early, and plus i'm not really physically attracted to him, and we saw each other 4 times and now it's like, i couldnt cut this thing we have now, bc he's too sweet, he expresses his feelings to me and i just dont dare to reject him, i couldnt, i like him and i dont wanna hurt him. What do i do?


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  • you don't like him, because he's chasing you. #1 rule guys should learn, never chase a girl!! Let them chase you.

    • all the guys i've been with have chased me, i would never chase a guy, but this guy I don't know

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    • yeah so what do i do?

    • tell him that he's moving to fast, that he needs to slow down, that would be the best way, there's no other way. Why you like other guy more? Am I right, because he doesn't show that much interest to you, he isn't that attracted. But remember the first one is gentlemen, he is making mistakes, because he's texting you too much.

      I was with girl too made mistake, I was chasing her, trying hard to get her :/, but it's over I know now that I shouldn't chase a girl. So yeah just tell him, hey I really like you, but you need to go slowly or something like that.


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  • End it now, leaving him hanging is crueller. It has been said the worst thing you can give a person is hope when there is none.

    • but it feels like he already got me, and i dont know how to deal with this how do it what to say, when and where

    • It is a personal preference but I have always appreciated honesty - Lets be frank someone always gets hurt in a break up. Really what you want to ask yourself is do you want to remain friends with the guy and if so would he be happy in the friendzone. If yes to both questions as gently and as honestly as you can tell him you don't feel the same way as he does about the relationship.

  • maybe let it play out for a little while.. but if you don't see anything serious or long term with him you owe it to yourself and to him to let him know

  • i think, making it complicated or making him wait moves from you will hurt him more than rejecting him, i think you should just go calmly talk about this with him.

    • but maybe i may start likking him more I don't know, i really dont wanna hurt him

    • as i said, i think its the best for you to talk to him about this, if you're interested in him and want to get to know him and think you may start loving or likeing him just go for it since you really dont have anything to lose, with time if you start like or loving him good luck, if its the same and you just can't get to like him more then please get out of the relationship as quick as you can (the longer the relationship is the more he will get hurt when you leave him)

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  • Maybe you see him more as a friend than what he sees you as.