How to tell my nice guy friend that we should remain as friends?

Okay so, my guy friend is like my childhood friend, who was always there for me in tough and in good times. He does nice things that a girl can ask for, a ride home in the middle of the night, lending money, buys me stuff, however after a recent break from my relationship, he asked me to be his girlfriend, which I said I will think about it. After thinking about it, he is a really really a nice guy and everything but I am just not interested in him. My nice guy friend is boring.

How to tell my nice guy friend that we should be just friends? I don't want to hurt his feelings.


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  • Is that the only reason why you're not interested in him? Despite everything else?

    Either give him the chance to become more interesting to you and win you over, or just tell him straight up that you are not interested in dating him.

    Do not, and I repeat do NOT, give him the excuse that you don't want to "ruin the friendship".

    Most guys can handle a girl's honesty, we're not sissies who would crumble at any not-so-pleasant thing you all say.


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  • @been_waiting
    She proves my point

    • No? What you were saying was that being a doormat and being clingy is NICE and that's not what nice is. Secondly, it takes more than niceness to get a girl to like you.

  • its going to hurt his feelings. no way around it

  • You will hurt his feelings.


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