I can only talk to pretty girls while I am tipsy (buzzed)?

I am a late 20-something year old returning to finish my last 2 years at the university from a hiatus. The school has an abundant supply of young girls, and they are always checking me out (I think they are or maybe I have something on my face). I spent most of my 20's in the US military and then exploring our great country of ours (USA). This fear of talking to pretty girls haunts me since I was at the age when girls started noticing other boys, and I would rather jump out of an airplane than talk to girls. When I do talk to pretty girls, I have to drink a shot of whiskey or Hannessy because I feel more relaxed and confident. So, far it has been working well. I do not know if I will be able to keep this up because getting old sucks.

To the point: how many late 20-year olds are still unable to talk to pretty girls? I do not want to be the only one cause I only got my dog and whiskey.


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  • Dude I have the same issue its like it would be instant rejection as soon as I approached them


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  • Am I seeing a Raj in here?:D


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