Why would someone stand another person up?

Rather than just say, "hey I can't do this"" or even find a vague excuse?


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  • They might get so nervous that it's impossible to think straight?


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  • They are stupid and try not to hurt the feelings of the other person but end up doing more damage then they would have done in the first place


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  • It's hard to say without knowing the people involved.
    What you interpret as a 'vague excuse' truly could be a legitimate reason. Sh*t happens.
    Some people mean well and they don't want to hurt another's feelings.
    Other people just don't care enough to have that awkward discussion.
    Some people aren't assertive enough to straight up let someone know.
    Varies from person to person.

  • I was raised to help others in need selflessly and I do the best I can. Growing up I stood up for my siblings, cousins, family friends, school friends, neighborhood friends and strangers. I have no problem speaking up and defending someone who is treated wrongly and attacked in whatever form. I'm naturally this way my parents didn't have to shove this down my throat. I'm a protector by nature so you bet when I have kids momma is going to take care of her babies!

    • Standing someone up means you don't show up for a date...

    • Fail! I know I answered the wrong question I don't like GAG on my phone! lol Sorry