Why do men torture themselves with dating and women?

Seriously the reason men die earlier than women I would argue is because of women and the shit they put men through.

If there was a pill guys could take to lose all attraction and desire for women, I guarantee 70% of men would take that pill and never look back


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  • "70% of men would take that pill and never look back," what world are you living in son

    • chemical castration will cure you of that

    • I mean you don't need a pill

    • I wish. Most docs won't send you to chemical castration even if you ask


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  • then what? masterbate or all magically turn gay?

    • Like I said, if guys had a CHOICE to be gay, many would choose to do so. Unfortunately you can't choose to be gay.

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    • @asker if you're gay there's nothing wrong with that. allow yourself to like/love/lust whomever you actually have those feelings for. don't hate on women because you don't have real feeling for them.

      it's ok. you can step out of the closet. (:

    • Unfortunately I'm straight

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  • Why?
    Women are fun. They think differently , they move differently , they dress differently , they have different tastes , desires , dreams , hopes , values , method of thinking. It's almost like a whole different species.

    The world will be a very dull place if there's only 1 gender in the world.
    Variety is the spice of life after all.

    • Women are not fun. They're usually blank and dull personality wise since they can get everything they want in the world just with their looks and body. On top of that, who cares how different they are if you'll never actually be with one?
      It's like horses, yeah they're so cool and different but who the hell cares you'll never have a horse

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    • I don't think that's a fair judgement of someone's worth lol

    • So are you gonna be like the inquisitor now?
      "Do you have intrinsic value? No? Well FUCK YOU then. "

  • Umm because they're cute and fun @Genie23 like her i1127.photobucket.com/.../IMGP3250.jpg LOL my #1 fan girl I'm her fanboy by the way

    • no one cares

    • LMAO that's exactly why I posted that pic/made this post just TO SHOW YOU THAT NO ONE CARES man LOLOLOL (#^ ^#)

  • Well, since I'm a man, I'm willing to take the challenge of finding that right woman. To me it seems only guys who don't get out much have such a low view of women.

  • Bro something is wrong with you!! Just because ur not gettin laid dont mean its women fault. You should check yourself

  • Excuse me? A pill that would stop me from being attracted to women, and therefore, not having sex? Yeah, I doubt 70% of men will take, I know for sure I wouldn't take it.

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