He said I was beautiful. Is he into me?

So I met up with this one guy from a group who's got a gf and I'm well aware of that. I just met up with him as friends and nothing more, as I'm not interested in him.

Anyway, when we met up yesterday he said that I was beautiful, that he liked my hair and eyes and that my eyes reminded him of our heritage. We are basically from the same country.

He paid for my hot chocolate and cake, even though I said I would like to pay for myself. He said I could pay next time, if I'd like to meet up with him again.

I kind of the vibe from him that he was interested in me, as I kept catching him staring at my face when we were walking. Like I said before, I'm not into him and only see him as a friend. But does it sound like he's interested in me?


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  • Yes he is.


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  • Since he hinted about wanting to see you again I would say he's interested.


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  • Yeah, kinda. He has a GF though.

    • Yeah, I know that. I'm not interested him. I just see him as a friend :)