How can a really quiet guy get a date?

Asking this question not for myself but for the quiet, shy and perhaps even the slightly awkward men out there with big hearts and nobody to share them with. This question is for all you guys and I think you'd all appreciate it if the ladies would lend you all a hand and give you advice. Since this isn't a question for me I'm not going to respond to personal questions.


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  • yes of course... once he finds the RIGHT girl... y not basically?

    • Do you think many women would go out with a guy they knew had a lot of good qualities if they knew he was quiet and struggled with small talk?


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  • Those guys are doomed unless they change their ways. Even a quiet girl, wants a guy that can at LEAST carry a conversation.

  • Doesn't matter if you quiet or not, you need to learn how to keep a conversation with a girl in order to bond with her and develop into possibly something more.

    Practice the 3 Cs : Confident, Control, and Challenge.

    • look up avoidant personality disorder. its a real thing

    • " the person with avoidant personality disorder will seek to avoid work, school and any activities that involve socializing or interacting with others."

      Okay, so why do people with APD want a date again? Dating is exactly about socializing and interacting with people.

      What do APD have anything to do with the usual quiet guy? My advice was for the average normal quiet guy type.

  • You blush really hard.